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December 09, 1929: Ferargil Galleries Solo Exbition Literature, pages 1 & 2.


1929: New York Times Photograph of Pavlova


February 1930 "The Art Digest" article honorably mentioning Enid Bell's Panel



1930: "Park Avenue Review" of Enid Bell


1933: "Newark Ledger" Review of Enid Bell


November 1, 1934: Art Digest review of Enid Bell and upcoming Arden Gallery exhibit


November 5, 1934: Arden Gallery Solo Exhibition Literature, pages 1 & 2


1934: Enid Bell chosen to create picture of Senator Robinson to be used for the new Centennial Half-Dollar


1937: Enid Bell awarded the Paris International Art Exposition Gold Metal


1938: "Jersey Journal" article on Enid Bell


August 1941: "Art and Artists of New Mexico" article about Enid Bell by Ina Cassidy


1941: "Santa Fean" interview of Enid Bell


1944: "Art Notes" discusses television special by Enid Bell


July 1946: Letter from Bamberger & Company regarding Enid Bell's television workshop



 March 7, 1949: Announcement of Joint Exhibit of Enid Bell and husband, Missak Palanchian, at the Argent Galleries



 November 1951: "Jersey Observer" article on 1951 21st Annual NJ State Exhibit for which Enid Bell won honorable mention in sculpture 



 1951: Article in unknown publication of Joint Exhibition of Enid Bell and husband, Missak Palanchian, at unknown location 



 March 1957: Illinois "Living Museum" article about ongoing exhibit of Enid Bell at the Illinois Museum



 October 15, 1957: "Hudson Dispatch" article about the creation of a bronze portrait of Nishan Palanchian by Enid Bell for the Palanchian College in Beirut, Lebanon



 December 8, 1963: Announcement of an exhibit of 8 contemporary artists, including Enid Bell, at the Leslie Fliegel Gallery



March 1965: "American Artist" magazine's 7-page article about Enid Bell.

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 September 15, 1968: Recitation of Newark Evening News commentary about Enid Bell's contribution to the Newark Public Library



 February 28, 1970: "The Hereford Brand" article about the moving of Enid Bell's relief, "On The Range" from the Hereford Post Office to the Hereford Museum


 March 30, 1983: "Bergen News" article about Enid Bell's exhibit at the Leonia Public Library


January 11, 1988: Announcement of the Woman Artist Series exhibition at Douglas College of Rutgers University featuring Enid Bell from January 15 through February 19


March 11, 1988: Brochure of Christie's auction house of NYC containing Enid Bell's bronze entitled "Lisa" (a.k.a. "Liza")


 June 1990: Two letters of appreciation from officers of the Newark Public Library thanking Enid Bell for her donation of 282 original illustrations of 224 plates which surveys a "History of Crafts"