ENID BELL PALANCHIAN was a sculptor, author, illustrator and professor who was primarily active in the New York/New Jersey area, but who established a respected body of work recognized throughout Europe and the United States as reflected by awards received in Paris, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico and Florida.  Her achievements included numerous public works projects (e.g., the design of the Congressional Gold Medal pictured above) on display at public institutions and museums around the country, private commissions and sales throughout the world, group and solo exhibitions, generous donations of art and compilations, and the passing on of her knowledge and skills to 24 years of art students of the Newark School of Industrial and Fine Arts.










This site was created by Derek Palanchian, grandson of Enid Bell Palanchian, to honor her achievements, talents and contributions to the Arts during her long and dedicated career.  The contents of this site do not include all of Enid's work or achievements, as many of her pieces were not photographed and were previously commissioned, purchased, lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise not available.  Information and images contained in this web site were gathered from the numerous photographs, notebooks, publicity scrapbooks, and other such information that was compiled by Enid and entrusted to Derek for safekeeping.