• Ferargil Galleries, New York City, December 9 – 29, 1929, exhibited 22 pieces including hazel wood “Pause”, Madonna”, “Trio” cherrywood “Duet” & “Harvesters”, bronze “Pavlova”, “Summer” & “Liza”, white oak “Negress”, whitewood “Negresses” & “Mexicans” and portrait panels and screens.  For exhibit publicity materials, click here.
  • Arden Gallery, New York City, NY, November 5 - 19, 1934, exhibited 26 pieces including metal panels “Oriental Dancers”, “Flute Player” and unnamed “Two Figures”, a mahogany screen, ebony “Afrincans”, “Negress” & “Nocturne”, marble “Seated Figure”, “Sleep” & “Pigeons”, white pine “Mother and Child”, mahogany “Dancer”, Japanese wood “Cyclamen”, several carved chests, hazelwood “At the Window” and cherry wood “Harvesters” & “Composition”.  For exhibit publicity materials, click here.
  • New Jersey Arts & Crafts Project, Works Project Administration, “Exhibition of Sculpture & Drawings by Enid Bell”, 1940
  • Southern Connecticut State College, “Exhibition”, 1966
  • North Jersey Cultural Council, “Exhibition”, May 1969
  • Museum of Sante Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Illinois State Museum, Springfield, Illinois, February 15 to April 15,1957, Exhibited twenty sculptures including “Bathers”, “Clown”, and pieces of ballplayers and musicians.  For exhibit publicity, click here.


  • Kresge Gallery, Newark, NJ, 1934
  • Museum of Santa Fe, NM, 1948
  • Museum of New Mexico Art, Santa Fe, NM, 1950
  • Harwood Gallery, Taos, NM
  • Argent Gallery, New York City, New York, March 1949, Exhibited 24 pieces including, ebony “Dark Continent” and “Africans”, white marble “Embrace” & “Madonna”, terra-cotta “Odalisque” & “Clown”, pine “Sisters”, “Spirella”, “Baseball” & “Mother and Child” bronze “Dancers”, mahogany “Musician”, ”Boy”, “Orientale” & “Undula”, and pear wood “Bathers”.  For exhibit publicity, click here.
  • Silo Gallery, Morris Plains, NJ, March 1954, exhibited pieces including ebony “Dark Continent”



  • Paris International Exposition, Paris, France, 1937- Winner of the Gold Medal Award

New York

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Artists for Victory -  An Exhibition of Contemporary American Art
  • New York's First World Fair, “American Art Today”, 1939, exhibited marble “Mother and Child”
  • Museum of the City of New York, “National Exhibition of American Art”, Summer 1938, Exhibited “Mother and Child”
  • New York Society of Craftsmen, “44th Annual Exhibition”, March 19 – 29th, 1947
  • Argent Gallery, New York City, NY, “Contemporary American Crafts”, March 27 through April 6, 1946
  • Ferargil Galleries, New York City, “Exhibition”, Spring 1930, exhibited “Negress” and “Pavlova”
  • Brooklyn Museum, “Recent Works by Distinguished Sculptors”, 1930, exhibited cherry wood “Duet”, walnut “Autumn” and white wood “Negress”
  • Whitney Studio Club, New York City, 1930
  • Chappaqua Gallery,  Exhibit of Painting, Graphics and Sculptures”, September 28th to October, 1951
  • Leslie Fliegel Gallery, “8 Contemporary Artists”, December 8, 1963 to January 12, 1964.  For exhibit publicity, click here.

New Jersey

  • New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ
    • “Nature in Sculpture”, December 10, 1957 to February 2, 1958
    • “Art from New Jersey Colleges Exhibition”, January 8 to February 6, 1966, Enid Bell representing the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, exhibited her white wood piece “Young Indian”
  • The Jersey City Museum:
    • The Nellie Wright Allen Exhibition”, November 3 – 29th, 1947, Exhibited “Undula”
    • The Nellie Wright Allen Exhibition”, 1948, exhibited “Clown” and “Embrace”
    • 20th Annual National Exhibition”, February 20 to March 18, 1961, exhibited “Seated Figure”
  • Fifty-Sixth Street Galleries, Exhibition in Plainfield, NJ, February 1930, exhibited a panel of her sister, Jean Diack, to which the Art Digest gave honorable mention.  For Art Digest article, click here.
  • Ringwood Gallery, NJ, “Exhibition of Sculptures”, July 7 – 22nd, 1973
  • Rutgers University, Douglas College, “Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series”, January 11 to February 19, 1988, exhibited 16 pieces, including Maplewood “Diver”, and “Mother and Child” and “Sisters”.  For exhibit publicity, click here.
  • Trenton Museum, ”New Deal Art
  • Montclair Art Museum, NJ:
    • New Jersey State Exhibition”, November 12 to December 24th, 1948, Exhibited terra-cotta “Dancers”, Received First Sculpture Award
    • 21st Annual New Jersey State Exhibition”, November _ to December 2, 1951, the awards jury withheld the top award in sculpture because of an exhibition rule that no artists may take the same prize within a five year period.  Awarded “Honorable Mention” for her white marble “Madonna” because she had received the first prize award less than 5 years previously.
    • “The Awards Artists Exhibition”, March 1966, exhibited pieces including “Bird Bath”
  • The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art:
    • “Annual Exhibition”, demonstration by Enid Bell, February 20, 1947
    • “Annual Exhibition”, demonstration by Enid Bell, May 19, 1948
    • “Annual Exhibition”, demonstration by Enid Bell, May 17, 1949
    • Solo Exhibit January 22 to February 2, ?, Exhibited “Bathers”, Composition”, “African”, “Mother and Child”, Grief”, “Night”, “Pieta”, Pigeons”, Pavlova”, “Night Club”, “Whitewood Screen”, “Dancers”, “Negress”, “Musicians”, and  “Hazelwood Panel”.
    • “Annual Exhibition”, demonstration in clay by Enid Bell, May 1964
  • Newark Public Library, “A History of Crafts”, Summer 1968
  • The Newark Art Club, “American Art Week Exhibition”, October 30 to November 20, 1947, Exhibited “Pony Rider” and “Mother and Child”
  • Associated Artists of New Jersey:
    •  Third New York Exhibition” at the Riverside Museum, March 2 – 23rd, 1947, Exhibited “Clown”, “Sisters”, “Bathers” and “Refugees”;
    • Exhibition” at Summit Art Association, April 25 to May 9, 1948, Exhibited “Boy Reading”, “Surf Rider” and “Spanish Mother”
    • Exhibition” at the Newark Museum, March 26 to April 24, 1949, Exhibited terra-cotta “Indian Mother”
    • Work by New Jersey Artists”, March 25 to April 30, 1952
    • Exhibition” at the Newark Public Library, November 1953
    • Seventh New York Exhibition”, November 6 – 24, 1954, exhibited mahogany “Tackle” and “Violinist”
    • Newark Arts Festival”, June 1 – 7, 1959, exhibited “Odalisque”
  • Leonia Public Library, NJ
    • “Exhibition”, May 1977, exhibited 20 pieces
    • “Sculptures and Craft Illustrations”, March 1983, exhibited pieces included mahogany relief “Madonna”


  • The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts:
    • Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”, January 28 to March 3, 1940, exhibited “Mother and Child”
    • Annual Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”, January 26 to March 3, 1946, Exhibited “Sisters”, January 26 to March 2, 1947, Exhibited “Dark Continent”


  • Miami Beach Art Center, “Exhibition” March _ to April 5, 1949, Exhibited 6 pieces including pearwood “Bathers”

New Mexico

  • New Mexico State Fair, 1949


  • Witchita Art Association, “Decorative Arts – Ceramic Exhibition”, May 4-11, 1946, Exhibited ceramic pieces, “Angel”, “Girl Reading” and “Bathers”


  • Columbus Museum, “Exhibition”, October 1956, exhibited pieces including terra-cotta “Grief” and mahogany “Violinist”


  • Illinois Museum, “Art Gallery Exhibit”, February 15 to April 15, 1957, exhibited pieces including “Bathers”, “Baseball”, “Musicians”, and “Clown”


  • National Academy of Design, unknown year
  • National Sculpture Society:
    • An Exhibition of Sculpture”, May 14 to June 20, 1952, Exhibited “Embrace” and “Clown”
    • Sculpture Exhibition 1961”, April 4 – 21, 1961, exhibited “Native”
    •  16th Annual Exhibition”, May 1969, Exhibited “At the Window” which won a special honorable mention
  • Architectural League, unknown year
  • Dance International, unknown year
  • Audubon Artists, 1945