• Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland, 1920 - 1921
  • St. John's Wood School of Art, London, England, 1921 - 1922
  • Private Pupil of Sir W. Reid Dick, London, England, 1921 - 1922
  • Arts Student League, New York City, NY


  • Miss Chaplin's School of Art, Arts Teacher, New York City, NY, 1929 - 1931
  • New Jersey Arts & Crafts Project, W.P.A., Sculpture Supervisor, 1940 - 1941
  • Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, Head of Sculpture Dept, Newark, NJ, 1944 - 1968


  • 5 Arts and Crafts "Filmstrips" Series, published by Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1954
  • "Tin Craft as a Hobby", Harper Brother Publishers, 1934, favorably reviewed by the World Telegram and N.Y. Times in 1934
  • "Practical Woodcarving Projects", Harper Brothers Publishers, 1940
  • "Signs and Symbols in Christian Art", Oxford University Press (Illustrator only)
  • "Christian Symbols in Italian Art", MacMillan Publishers (Illustrator only)
  • "Forsaking All Others", Alice Duer Miller, Simon and Schuster Publishers, 1931, illustrations only, drawings of N.Y. scenes
  • Various Articles in National Sculpture Review
  • Various Articles in American Artist Magazine, including March 1965, "My Wood Sculpture" & June 1968, "Sculptors Hartwig & Glinsky"


Year Author Title Subtitle # Pages Color
2005 Davenport, Ray Davenport's Art Reference: The Gold Edition   No
2005 Inc. -
Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (Editor)
The Artists Bluebook 34,000 North American Artists to March 2005 479 No
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1947 Editors Who's Who in American Art-1947     No


  • Sculpture Medal, Newark Art Club, Newark, NJ, 1933
  • Gold Medal, Paris International Exposition, Paris, France, 1937
  • First Honor for Wood Sculpture, New Mexico State Fair, Santa Fe, NM, 1941
  • Second Honor for Ceramics, New Mexico State Fair, Santa Fe, NM, 1941
  • Honorary Membership of the Eugene Field Society National Association of Authors and Journalists, awarded March 19, 1941
  • First-Place Award in Sculpture, Annual New Jersey State Exhibition, Montclair Museum, Montclair, NJ, 1948
  • Nellie Wright Allen Award, Jersey City Museum Exposition



  • National Sculture Society, NY
  • Society of Designer Craftsmen, NY
  • Associated Artists of New Jersey, NJ


    “Whether working on a figure in the round or in bas-relief, Enid Bell has instilled her sculptures with vigor and strength.  They have beautiful rhythm, grace and assurance.”

-         Emily Grauer of the N.Y. World Telegram (1934)

    “All of Miss Bell’s work shows cultivated feeling for composition, grace of line and assured command of her materials.”

-         Carlyle Burrows of the Herald Tribune (1934)

    “She achieves dynamic flowing line, contributing to significant form, giving an amazing quality of plasticity.”

-         N.Y. Times

    Ms. Bell “is a master sculptor and ceramist of long accomplishment and recognition”

-         Michael Lenson of the Newark Evening News (September 15, 1968)

    “This is sculpture marked by classic form developed to a high degree of technical excellence and strongly realized rhythm that is all too seldom seen in three-dimensional work.”

-         Santa Fe “New Mexican”


  • "Who's Who in American Art"
  • "Who's Who in American Women"
  • "Who's Who in the East"
  • "National Inventory of the Arts"
  • "Directory of American Sculpture"


  • Ferargil Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Roman Bronze Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Kraushaar Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Eugene Schoan Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Delius Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Collectors Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Jean Bohne Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Knopf Hunter Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
  • Brooke Street Gallery, London, England
  • Schoneman Gallery, New York City, NY



  • Smithsonian Museum, National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.  Congressional Medal of Honor created from Enid Bell’s model, commissioned by the U.S. Treasury Department.  Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Lincoln Ellsworth in recognition of the “conspicuous courage, sagacity, and perseverance” Lincoln Ellsworth exhibited during his famous polar flight of 1925 and his transpolar flight of 1926.  Approved by Congress in May 29, 1928 (45 Stat. 2026-2027).
  • Carved Wood Panels:

  • Education Center For The Youth, Newark, NJ
  • Robert Treat School, Newark, NJ
  • Hoboken Public Library, NJ
  • Union City Public Library, NJ
  • Mount Holly Post Office, NJ
  • Boonton Post Office, NJ
  • Hereford Museum (formerly Hereford Post Office), TX
  • Deaf Smith Historical Museum, Hereford, TX
  • Wood Portrait Relief:

  • Library of Armenian Cultural Foundation, Boston, Massachussets
  • Bronze Bust:

  • Palanchian College, Beruit, Lebanon.  For article click here.
  • Bronze Relief:

  • Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, New Jersey
  • Bronze Plaque:

  • Board of Education, Newark, New Jersey
  • Sculptures and Carved Plaster Panels:

  • Union City Public Libraries, Union City, New Jersey
  • Leonia Public Library, Leonia, New Jersey
  • Englewood Public Library, Englewood, New Jersey



  • Adams, Mrs. D., purchased terra-cotta statuette "Musician" in 1969


  • Baker, Frank, NY, unknown purchase
  • Banach, Mrs., Washington D.C., purchased terra-cotta statuette "Refugees" (1 of 3)
  • Berman, Douglas, NY, purchased Japanese nut wood "Cyclamen", spruce "Baseball Catcher", and terra-cotta statuette "Circus Animals" in 1989
  • Beth Israel Hospital, NJ, commissioned commemorative plaque of Dr. Rados in 1950
  • Blickman, Bruce, NJ, purchased mahogany "Oriental Musician" in 1970
  • Bohlen, Steve, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Refugees" (1 of 3) and plaster statuette of "War" in 1969
  • Brooke Street Gallery, London, brokered the sale of hazelwood or mohagany "Madonna" in 1931


  • Caplan, Arthur, NJ, purchased bronze "Pavlova" in 1930s
  • Caroli, Levio and Betty, NY, purchased terra-cotta "Sieta" and terra-cotta statuette "Dreamer" in 1973
  • Ceroni, Mr. and Mrs., NY, purchased terra-cotta creative facsimile of "Violinist"
  • Clare, George, NJ, purchased whitewood "Two" in 1968
  • Conner Rosenkranz (Art Dealer), NY, purchased mahogany "Boy Reading" in 1988
  • Corning Glass Company, commissioned plaster nude woman "Figure" in the 1930s


  • D'Annunciacao, Lincoln, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Angel" (1 of 2)
  • DeCastro, Kim (daughter of Barbara DeCastro), NM, given hydrocal relief panel "Dancer"
  • DeCastro, Vicky (daughter of Barbara DeCastro), NM, given hydrocal relief panel "Spring Breeze"
  • Doktor, Irving, NJ, unknown purchase
  • Donnelly, Regina, NJ, given terra-cotta statuette "At The Well" in 1978
  • Donnelly, Thomas (deceased) and Florence, NJ, purchased terra-cotta statuettes "War Bonnet" and "Angel" (1 of 2), and sketch of "Indian Squaw" in 1969, given original plaster "Clinch", given terra-cotta "Harvest" and terra-cotta "On The Beach", and given terra-cotta statue "Twosome"
  • Dryer, Joyce (deceased) purchased cast stone "Memory" and terra-cotta replica of relief "Africana", pieces probably passed-on to daughter, Chloe Wentz
  • Duffy, Mrs. James, commissioned "St. Ursula" in the 1950s and purchased terra-cotta "Walking Woman" in 1974
  • Duffy, Betty (may be Mrs. James Duffy of above), purchased terra-cotta relief of "Papoose" (different than sculpture entitled "Papoose"), terra-cotta statuettes "Basket Woman" and "Indian Girl And Lamb" in 1969, and terra-cotta statuettes "Bowl Woman" and "Young Indian" in 1974, and terra-cotta statuette "Woman On Mule" on unknown date


  • Eghian, Dr. Setrak (deceased), NY, purchased whitewood "Sleeping Cat"
  • Englewood Public Library, NJ, donated terra-cotta "Indian Dance" in 1981
  • Eugene Schoen Gallery, NY, brokered the sale of mohagany "Horses" in 1932
  • Eyrich, Craig, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Tango" in 1969


  • Federal Arts Project, various commissions in the 1930s
  • Feragil Galleries, NY brokered sale of whitewood "Cat" in 1929-30
  • Fink, Mrs. E., purchased bronze cast of original plaster "Liza" and terra-cotta statuette "Teeners" in 1965
  • Freeman, R., NJ, commissioned cast or wood original of "At The Window" in the 1960s


  • Greene, Mrs., purchased terra-cotta statuette "Boy and Goose" in 1965
  • Goldsmith, Marilyn, NJ, purchased statuette "Boy Violinist" in 1968
  • Goubeaux, Ms., OH, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Morning"
  • Gould, J. Muirhead, OH, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Bather" in 1972
  • Greene, Mrs., purchased terra-cotta statuette "Goose Boy" in 1965


  • Huse, Mrs. J., NM, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Indian Woman" in 1940s
  • Hummel, Doris, Germany, given terra-cotta sculpture of boy playing marbles and terra-cotta creative replica of "Undula"


  • I.C.S.O.M (International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians), purchased terra-cotta "Aspiration" for presentation in 1982


  • Jacobsen, Meyer (deceased), PA, brokered sale of terra-cotta creative replica of alabaster "Bather", 3 or 4 creative facsimiles of "Camel", creative replica on "Undula", hydrocal cast replicas of "Dark Venus",  hydrocal replicas of "African Head", hydrocal replicas of "Summer", and hydrocal replicas of "Pigeons"
  • Jones, Mr., purchased plaster relief "Young Prince" in 1986


  • Katzev, Susan, Southport, Maine, purchased bronze "Clinch"
  • Kaymar Gallery, NY, brokered sale of white marble "Afternoon"
  • Kean, John, NC, given created mosaic facsimile of relief "Orientale" and hydrocal creative replica of "Sentinel" by Derek Palanchian
  • Koven, Mrs. George, NJ, purchased grey marble "Refugees"
  • Kress Foundation, commissioned illustrations for "Christian Symbols in Italian Art" in the 1940s


  • Leber, Ardith, purchased terra-cotta "Elephant Boy" and terra-cotta statuette "Madonna" in 1989
  • Lenny, Annie, NJ, purchased white mahogany "Undula"
  • Lenson, Michael, NJ, purchased creative facsimile of a man and woman relief lamp base
  • Leonia Public Library, NJ, donated hydrocal relief "Birds" and terra-cotta "Circus Elephant" in 1978 and 1982
  • Lipkin, Mrs. S., NJ, purchased beechwood "Boy With Violin"


  • Marcus, Maria and Norman, NY, commissioned "Mayan Relief" in the 1960s
  • Marlow, Clark, NY, purchased mahogany "Yound Mother" and hydrocal creative facsimile of "Boy Reading" in 1986
  • Maur, Mrs. Hope, NJ, purchased terra-cotta statuette "At The Shore" in 1968
  • McClelland, Nancy, NY, commissioned "Lillies" in the 1930s
  • Meyer, Gilbert, NY, commissioned oil fresco, date unknown
  • Meyers, Harry, commissioned wood copy of original plaster "Summer" in 1928-30
  • Milch, Mrs., NJ, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Resting" in 1973
  • Miller, Dr., NY, commissioned wood copy of original plaster "Liza" in the 1930s
  • Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin, NJ, purchased head from "Mayan" relief
  • Museum Pieces, Inc., purchased terra-cotta statuette "Choir Boy" for production in 1967, and "Country Girl" for production in 1971


  • Nelson, Andrew, NJ, purchased terra-cotta "Football" in 1969, and terra-cotta "Guitarist" in 1975
  • Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts, NJ, purchased redwood "Papoose" for presentation to the Head of the Board of Education in the 1950s
  • Nutley Art Association, NJ, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Boy Guitarist" in 1969


  • Odlum, Norman, NY, commissioned plaster portrait
  • Ourbanek, Emily, NJ, purchased chestnut or maple "African" and terra-cotta statuette "Boy Riding Swan"


  • Palanchian, Mrs. H, purchased bronze portrait of Nishan Palanchian for the Palanchian College in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Perelli, Angela, NJ, unknown purchase
  • Perey, Countess, purchased bronze "Portrait Figure" through the Feragil Gallery, NY, in 1929
  • Petrovitz, Andrew, given terra-cotta statuette "Boy And Pet" in 1971
  • Pisano, Mr. R., NY, purchased pine "Spirella", fruit wood "Asparagus", and cherry wood "Duet" in 1986


  • Roman Bronze Gallery, NY, brokered sale of whitewood "Japanese Cranes" screen in 1930
  • Rosenberg, Mrs., NJ, purchased terra-cotta creative facsimile of "Boy Reading" in 1973
  • Rosenman, Sam, Washington D.C., purchased redwood "Pieta", white marble "Sleep", terra-cotta "Bass Player", terra-cotta "Draped Figure", zinc panel "Duet", and terra-cotta statuette "Balancing Act" in 1968
  • Rosoff, Elliot, NJ, purchased terra-cotta "Cellist" in 1975, and terra-cotta of two half-figures embracing in 1980
  • Rubin, Mrs. M., purchased terra-cotta statuette "Reflection" in 1968
  • Rubinstein, Helena, commissioned relief panel in the 1930s
  • Rubenstein, Seymour, CA, purchased terra-cotta replica of relief "Africana", terra-cotta statuettes "Sad Adieu", "Gothic Madonna", "Together", "Lovers" and "Oriental Musician", and terra-cotta replica statuette of "Odalisque", all in the 1960s and 70s


  • Sacks, Mrs. Deborah., NJ, purchased terra-cotta relief of a mother and child
  • Sammett, Eli, NY, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Eskimo Boy" in 1968
  • Saranoff, Kathleen, NJ, purchased grey marble "Mother and Child" and terra-cotta statuettes "Morning" and "Old Fashioned Dance" in or around 1967
  • Schaffer, Rose, NJ, purchased hazelwood or mahogany "At The Window" in the 1960s, and terra-cotta statuette "Sailor's Farewell" in 1968
  • Schwartz, Mrs. D., MO, purchased terra-cotta "Papoose" im 1970
  • Siegel, Phyliss, purchased hazelwood "Steel Workers" and pink alabaster "Morning" in 1981
  • Simmons, Mrs. Grant, purchased two mahogany screens of the "History Of Costume" in 1929
  • Simon & Schoster Publishers, commissioned line drawings for book "Foresaking All Others" in 1931
  • Solomon, Mrs., NJ, purchased terra-cotta "Teeners" in 1965
  • Stamford, L., commissioned carved natural "Egg" in Alabaster
  • Stevens, R., OH, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Time Off" in 1969
  • Stone, Virginia (deceased), NM, commissioned orange wood chest "Italiana" and purchased cast stone creative replica of original plaster "Grief", and mahogany "Sisters", given terra-cotta statuette "Swan Boy", all pieces passed on to daughter, Barbara DeCastro


  • Tafet, Mrs., NJ, unknown purchase
  • Tarlow, Mrs. J., NJ, purchased plaster statuette "Bathers" in or around 1965
  • Thielle Gallery, NJ, brokered sale of terra-cotta statuette "Embrace" in 1969
  • Thompson, Mrs. Clara, NJ, unknown purchase
  • Timpanaro, Victor, NJ, purchased terra-cotta "Clown"
  • Tony Art Galleries, NJ, brokered sale of mahogany screen of couples ballroom-dancing in 1980
  • Topalian, V., commissioned portraits of Armenian writers on behalf of the Armenian Cultural Foundation Library
  • Travis Gallery, NJ, brokered sale of terra-cotta "Musician" and terra-cotta statuette "Folk Song" in 1970
  • Turner, Mrs. Ellen, NJ, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Shepard Boy" in 1969


  • Van Cleve, Mrs. H., FL, purchased ebony "Natives" and original terra-cotta "Camel"
  • Van Cleve, Mrs. Ruth, MA, purchased hazelwood "Harvesters", hydrocal cast of relief "Harmonica Player", and terra-cotta statuette "Repose"
  • Viking Refrigeration Company, commissioned ice "Viking" for exhibition hall in Atlantic City, NJ, in the 1940s


  • Waldeck, Mary, NJ, created and given relief "Lorelie" in 1992, may be in possession of daughter Erica Waldeck, also given terra-cotta sculpture "Woman Walking"
  • Weltchek, Mrs. Elma, NJ, purchased ebony "Night" in 1965 and mahogany "Reclining Couple" in 1968
  • Wentz, Chloe, VA, purchased terra-cotta statuettes "Seated Woman" and "Fandango" in 1968, pine or spruce statue "Youth" in 1971, terra-cotta statuette "Sisters" in 1981, and terra-cotta statuettes "Girl Reading" and "Harvester" in 1989, given terra-cotta statuette "Playful Bear" in 1989
  • Wion, John, NY, purchased terra-cotta creative facsimile of "Grief" aka "Victims"  and terra-cotta statuette "Orientale" in 1976


  • Yeager, William (student of Enid), NJ, purchased terra-cotta creative replica of alabaster "Bather", hydrocal cast of original "Dark Venus", and terra-cotta statuettes "Cotton Picker" and "Lonesome Cowboy", all in the 1960s and 70s, given reproduction of "Choir Boy" produced by Museum Pieces Inc.
  • Young, G.G., CA, purchased whitewood "Boy And Cat" in 1965
  • Yuker, Sadie (deceased), NJ, purchased whitewood "South Seas" in 1966
  • Zimmerman, Mrs., NJ, purchased terra-cotta statuette "Bathers" in 1973
  • Zuersher, Ron, FL, purchased terra-cotta "Bowl Boy" and terra-cotta statuettes "In The Sun", "Embrace" and "Bathers" in 1978